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Joseph M. Day Company has considerable experience working in large multimillion dollar projects to small private turnkey projects with demonstrated success on both.  We understand where our strengths are and we appropriately apply those strengths and skills where they provide the greatest value to you.

In today’s market conditions, everyone is facing pressure to keep project cost down.  Rather than just provide you with a low cost solution, we work to help you understand that there is more to consider than just the initial system cost.  We guide and encourage our customers to consider the Total Life Cycle Cost — not an easy thing to do when budgets are tight.  A short term perspective can actually cost you more over the life of the equipment.  In fact, a short term perspective can reduce the operating life of the equipment.

A little extra time and effort at the front end of the project pays significant dividends over the life of the equipment.  We can help with the little things (oftentimes not so little), meeting or exceeding the installation standards that increase the reliability and serviceability of the system and not only reduce the cost of routine maintenance but, more importantly, help avoid emergency service.

How is that possible?  A small example is our willingness to work with the installing mechanical contractors to make sure boiler feed lines and electrical conduits are installed such that they do not block or infringe upon boiler service access and maintenance points.   This helps ensure that the newly installed boiler is accessible and configured in such a manner that plant operations personnel can easily maintain and service the boiler for many years to come.   Too often expensive new boiler equipment is installed in such a manner that it cannot easily be serviced and maintained, resulting in increased maintenance time and ultimately increasing your plant’s operating costs.  This can represent as much as 10% of your maintenance budget.  So when considering a boiler systems equipment supplier consider how Joseph M. Day Company can be your best short- and long-term partner.  We have the practical experience to ensure effective and successful system installation and integration while facilitating your operator’s use of the equipment and reducing or avoiding unneeded or unwanted maintenance cost.

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