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2500 HP Johnston Boiler
2500 HP Johnston Boiler

Leading Boiler Systems

As a leading manufacturer’s representative for Johnston Boiler Company, Triad Boiler Systems, DeDietrich, Heat Sponge, BFS Industries, Power Flame and others, we stand behind the products and systems we sell. When you purchase a boiler system, a combustion system, an ancillary system or a custom designed and built UL Listed flame safeguard control panel from the Joseph M. Day Company you can expect service before and after the sale.

Size, Select & Configure

Joseph M. Day Company has a team of highly trained equipment application engineers who will work closely with you to size, select and configure a boiler system to meet all of your project needs. Our over 64 years of experience with boilers, boiler feed systems and fuel oil systems ensure that you get the best advice and support in evaluating your application and selecting and configuring the system that is right for you.

Project Development to Installation

From project development to installation, the Joseph M. Day Company will assign one individual to oversee and support your project. They will be responsible for managing the project, and working with you, your project engineer and your installing contractor to ensure that the project will come in on time and within budget.

  • Equipment and system application and selection
  • Field installation and engineering support
  • System start-up and commissioning
  • Operator training and ongoing support

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