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The following discussion relates to the virtues of pressurized deaerators over the atmospheric type.

  1. The pressurized deaerator, such as Spray, Spray Scrubber, Packed Column, and Tray types, is more accepted by consulting engineers, architects and knowledgeable users. This point is illustrated by that fact that of the three major atmospheric type deaerators manufactured in this country, only one remains actively in business. Further, even this company has broadened their scope by adding pressurized deaerators to their line. Our Spray/Scrubber, Pressurized type deaerator is of the original, time-proven design.

It is often asked whether a pump suction strainer is necessary or recommended. The purpose of a suction strainer is to act as a particulate strainer or filter ahead of the pump. This prevents large particles from entering the pump.

The Industrial Steam Two-Compartment design evolved from the atmospheric type deaerator design originated by Schaub Engineering and copied by Domestic and Industrial Steam. This atmospheric type deaerator was never accepted, possibly because of its poor performance and therefore Schaub went out of business and Domestic discontinued its use. Industrial Steam, we suspect, had a similar problem and opted to market a pressurized deaerator by merely pressurizing their atmospheric design.