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Like it or not, we have to be cognizant of the seasonal changes in Michigan. We are sure you will agree that Michigan is one of the best place in the U.S.A to live and work. Now after living here for years enjoying the beauty of the state we all have been forced to learn and recognize that Michigan eventually gets cold.

Part Three of Three Part Series….

Previously, in parts one and two, we discussed boiler post-season best practices for summer inspection, care, and maintenance of your boiler’s fire and water sides.  In this part, we will focus on general care and maintenance outside and around your boiler.

Part One of Three Part Series….

As you continue the transition from winter to spring to summer, the post- heating season is an excellent time to open your boiler’s fire side for inspection and cleaning. We strongly encourage you to establish a plan for the inspection of the boiler’s fireside heating surfaces, gasket surfaces, and the boiler’s refractory as these are essential components of post- heating season preventative maintenance.  summer sign

Part Two of Three Part Series....

Building on our recent article on Boiler Fireside Care and Maintenance, the next important step is to establish your plan for the water side of your boiler system. This should primarily cover the internal maintenance and inspection of the water side of your low or high pressure steam boilers. Once again this preventative maintenance effort will ensure proper and efficient operation of your boiler when the heating months return. Hot water boilers are omitted from this article since draining and the introduction of fresh water into a “closed-loop” system is an unwanted event with regard to care for your closed-loop system.